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Kiddie Kampus
Early Learning Academy
Our goal at Kiddie Kampus is to provide your child with a safe, nurturing, and happy environment, where he or she can make new friends, build character, and become involved in FUN daily activities that help them to learn their colors, shapes, and numbers!  Our daycare offer lots of patience, love, and FUN things to do such as painting, play dough, singing, and stories.  

As you enter our facility, you and your child will immediately know you are in a special FUN place!  You will see happy children playing games, reading, and involved in creative art activites.  Plus we have lots of FUN with daily art activities, outdoor exercises, and more.  The children may seem like they are only playing but studies have found that children are more likely to retain information when they are engaged in enjoyable and meaningful activities.

The skills children learn today can play a major role in who they become tomorrow.  That is why parents should be very careful in choosing a daycare provider, which is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child's well-being.  Kiddie Kampus understands the importance of your decision and can show you the resources in our center to help you make an informed, confident daycare decision!